What do you think can make you really happy? Where can you find so much satisfaction?

What do you think you miss your life to achieve the desired fullness?

The desire to be happy, right to which no human beings must give up, is often destined to derail an obsessive craving for contentment and selfish satisfaction, forcing you to experience chronic feelings of emptiness, dissatisfaction, and loneliness.

It is just the cramps of the soul to put you in the condition of seeking such “fast” and disappointing happiness, leaving in your deepest self an abysmal vortex destined to phagocyte within itself anything or person around you, destroying it and destroying it.

The perception of an inner death, accompanied by empty chaotic experiences, induces many young people to compulsorily seek any strategy aimed at procuring an emotion that can finally make them feel alive, filling for that instant that chaotic self-destructive vacuum.

Suffering from a toxic and nauseating happiness means perverting a healthy desire for satisfaction, pleasure, and gratification.

Our mind, refusing to assimilate something polluted and harmful, will not be too late to develop regurgitation of despair, masked by panic, depression, loneliness, eating disorders, and issues related to the sexual dimension.

Anguish and fear of the future turn us into ferocious hunters of happiness, obsessed with the desire to live a full, never-experienced, but just represented in the mind.

How can we hunt an animal we have never seen?

How can we recognize something we only heard about talking about?

Killing, trampling, and capturing any form of life lies in our path, forgetting even the real reason that initially had led us to hunt.

Relationships, couple’s life, family relationships and social life thus become narcissistic and self-referential ways to silence the stifling cry of dissatisfaction, sadness, sorrow, suffering and anguish that has long been a part of us!

It’s just a sick hunger of happiness that leads us to seek emotions, whose only end is whispering in your ear: DO NOT HATE!

Pathologically traumatic affective relationships, substance abuse, addiction, sexual deviance accumulate rubbish inside ourselves, whose lack of disposal makes us day by day increasingly similar to bloodthirsty zombies.

Our image thus becomes something weird that we begin to detest, representing the mirror of a failed compromise to get the fullness of the soul.

Our ego begins to exude dissatisfaction, disappointment, restlessness and anxiety destined to calm shortly only after a new binge of (happiness).

Filling a digging hole becomes the dysfunctional mode through which Dorian Gray searches for himself in a superficial world to limit itself to just grasping the charm of dandy.

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