What do you need to do to overcome anxiety?

Anxiety is a drug, we said; a meta-drug that creates a very strong addiction. Anxiety is a meta-drug that exposes other dependencies exponentially, because this is its defense mechanism. Anxiety closes you into the world, isolates you in a virtual reality where everything is bad, where you have nothing, where you have fears, doubts, and paranoia that float like dragons in the sky of your everyday life.

In order to capture and close you in an increasingly narrow cage, anxiety does nothing but take control of your habits, one by one. Not only of those more clearly linked to anxiety, but also, and above all, of the most unexpected. Anxiety creeps like an alien virus in your diet, creative thinking, in your breathing, and in many other castle rooms that make up your personality.

How can it be? Anxiety is like a dictatorship : just before the collapse of every great dictator in history, there is a stage of farce, a paradoxical stage in which the megalomaniac control mania and its closure measures towards the “truth”, begin to revolt against, weakening it until collapse, until the removal and – often – death. Our natural reality is metaphorical: what happens to the small, internally, also happens to a macro level, in a metaphorical form.

Our best bet is to be able to grasp these analogies to free ourselves from the automatisms and existential anguish, even though we do nothing but isolate ourselves in our artificial safety.

To get started you can follow this advice: Take a vacation

No, I do not tease you and I know that in 99% of cases this is an impossible mission. You have to take a break from your previous life, the one that until a few minutes has tied you close to the automatic mechanisms of anxiety. How to do? Simple …

  • Do physical activity: No apology, move: Whether you are young or mature, athletic or not, there is always something you can do to put your body into motion. In my fantastic work experience, I met people who were never in a wheelchair, people with tetra paresis who had a more active life of many people with no health problems. “Get up and walk”!
  • Breathe: Yes, you always do, it is obvious, but do it correctly? Have you ever heard of hyperventilation syndrome? Do you always enjoy day, night, and physical activity? To learn more, have patience … practice more!
  • Eat healthy: The issue of nutrition is very complex, but it can be reduced to a single rule: simplicity. Eat things simple, natural, real, fresh, season, local. Do not turn away from simple things, avoid everything that is packaged and processed.

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