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Tips to combat stress and burnout

The stress and burnout are two of the main problems faced by people today as a result of the pace of modern life in which lack of sleep, physical exertion, and poor diet are the daily bread.

Because of these conditions, anyone can suffer from chronic exhaustion. Therefore, it is essential that you begin to become aware of this in order to begin to modify your habits and prioritize less stressful situations.

So taking into account the above, we invite you to follow these feeding guidelines to combat exhaustion and stress:

Nutritional recommendations to cope with stress and exhaustion

1) Start the day with warm water and lemon

It is an excellent strategy to alkalize the body, eliminate toxins and strengthen the immune system. Keep in mind that lemon juice is an ideal natural product to combat stress and exhaustion, so do not hesitate to drink it once you get up for a period of 5 days.

2) Eat oats to reduce stress

The oatmeal is recognized as a superfood thanks to the minerals, vitamins, and nutrients that it provides to the body. Likewise, it is a food with medicinal properties for the nervous system, since within its composition has an alkaloid called avenin, which acts as a mild sedative with which you will start your day in a calm and free of morning fatigue.

3) Reduce coffee to one cup per day and avoid carbonated soft drinks

Coffee, being an exciting natural origin with high energy and antioxidant properties, is suitable when you consume a cup in the morning of 100 milliliters because this way you will improve your mood.

However, it is not recommended that you exceed this dose, or that you drink it the afternoon. The same goes for cola drinks because of their high level of sugar, not even those with the light label.

4) Daily exercise

You may feel tired, but it is essential to practice exercise to combat stress and exhaustion, considering that it is an effective method to release endorphins with which heart health is improved.

You can choose activities such as swimming, taking a walk, walking through your city, riding a bicycle and even dancing a bit, everything will be useful.

5) Sleep 8 hours and take a 20-minute nap at noon

They are two ideal suggestions to ensure that the organism stays at a good level of rest and therefore free of exhaustion and stress. Do not forget that the body and the brain require periods of rest.

6) Search for oxygen in natural spaces

Nature is an appropriate area for you to clear your mind, relax and let the stress that runs through your life flow. Do not overlook this advice and disconnect your mint so that the stress goes away.

7) Sugar-free natural yogurt

It is a food that we recommend you to integrate into your diet as part of breakfast or for those times when you get hungry at noon. This is due to its ability to regenerate the intestinal flora and to stimulate the production of serotonin, the hormone that regulates mood.

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