The perfect awakening to immunize against anxiety and panic

Nothing is more true: even in times of stress, in the anxiety season, even in the worst days of panic, getting started well is the best way to get started and get rid of that monster’s vomit that anticipates your every move. Well, from a holistic point of view, breakfast is perfect thanks to not only proper nutrition, but also thanks to other habits associated with it.

Follow these 5 rules to start the day at best …

1) The breakfast

Gluten-free bread, honey, vegetable or yogurt is all you can eat? And … and … the brioches, the fruit, the coffee! These are all things to avoid, I’ll explain everything step by step. Coffee, the divine drink, will be your reward when you are the best. In periods of anxiety or near a panic attack, avoid as poison. It’s too exciting, you know that, but it’s also extremely irritating to the gastric mucosa. That is, it is able to stir you and keep the vicious circle of anxiety at the same time. Avoid gluten in any form, slightly digestible and not nutritious. Gluten is responsible for water retention, which not only causes cellulite, but also maintains the malaise that favors anxiety. Avoid or consume moderately any animal derivative: if you are used to the continental breakfast, write a goodbye letter right away. Animal fats and proteins, however you see it in food and morals, usually hurt and are very difficult to dispose of. Yogurt and honey are two exceptions, as they are more tolerated and rich in benefits. Avoid the plague of any packaged product. Obviously not all that is pre-cooked is a devil’s emissary, but doubting is lawful and often the doubt will save you! Also avoid sugar and sugar, which causes addiction and many other adverse effects; like honey or fructose. Lastly, avoid fresh fruit. This will look like a bargain; propose a healthy breakfast and abolish a juice or a banana? I explain: the fruit is fine, but it must be consumed at least 15 or 20 minutes away from meals before and after. So unless you want to have a freshly made breakfast, avoid it and enjoy a second-half breakfast or a fruit snack. This is because if eaten alone, the body assimilates the fruit very quickly but if it is ingested with other foods it is subjected to maceration and most of its properties vanish. Not only that, fruit in this way turns into sugar and makes digestion more difficult.

2) The right foot

The perfect breakfast against anxiety and panic is not enough. As I said, what determines the quality and the good success of a breakfast, in terms of nutrition and maintaining health, is not just nutrition. And they are not even those twenty or thirty minutes that dedicate them. In a holistic approach that considers reality as ‘non-fragmental’, but as a set of relationships that influence each other, other aspects, other moments, must also be considered. At your awakening, first of all, do a brief breathing exercise, to re-align your breath and direct it on the right path for the whole day. After that, to find the psychophysical balance and activate the body, practice at least half an hour of yoga. Alternatively, walk, run, ride a bike or any other physical activity. Yoga, amongst all, is the best choice because it connects body and mind and reassigns you with kindness, giving you a well-being and awareness that no other discipline can give you. At the end of yoga, allow yourself 5 or 10 minutes of meditation, relaxation, and good thoughts. Try it; if you need help, if you do not know how to do it, contact me.

3) To wake up well you have to sleep well

Always in the holistic aspect, we must absolutely consider a crucial variable: when you wake up and how much sleep. I am telling you openly: you cannot think of having a great breakfast, hoping that this will help your path to anxiety, if you do not respect your circadian rhythm and do not align with it. What would this circadian rhythm be? It has nothing to do with the circus and it’s not a new kind of rhythmic dance. It is the natural rhythm, an internal clock that regulates your body and mind, keeping them in tune with alternating day and night. It is a surprising magic of our evolution and we must give them the right authority and bring them respect if we want our health. The ideal would be to alternate sleep and wake following the light phases, but it is not always possible, I know. Just do your best: go to sleep as soon as possible and wake up as soon as possible with the gradual delicacy of natural light. Your body will be so ready and active to receive the right nourishment of a balanced breakfast.

4) The workout for rest

What are the preparations for a good rest? What to do next night? Eat little for dinner, keep it light and wait a couple of hours before bedtime, not too much or less. Drink a herbal tea or a hot chamomile to help digestion and leave a stinging effect on the stomach, as well as hydrate properly for the night. Do not watch TV and do not stay on the computer for hours: the screen light disturbs your sleep. Finally, do an exercise of breathing or meditation. If you want help or want to know more, download the complete method against anxiety and panic.

5) Unusual associations

Waking up means putting the whole organism into operation. If breathing, yoga, breakfast and good rest serve to balance the body and mind, while at the same time activating vital functions, there is still a small step to do: turn on the brain. Do not fall into the usual waking habits, but enter changes, even small ones. I’m a practical example: you prepare breakfast with a non-dominant hand, the one you do not usually use to write. Do it all with that hand; the benefits will be enormous and the brain will be forced to look out for attention!

Anxiety is a smart enemy: It is fought on every front

These 5 simple rules for a perfect awakening, combined with the 5 perfect breakfast rules, will be your best start to start the big day and immerse yourself in anxiety and panic. If you want to overcome anxiety and panic, you will have to have your side, your allies, body and mind together. You will have to attack on all fronts, to put anxiety under siege and to make it clear.

Where to start doing all this? Does it seem like an impossible war? It starts from awakening, from the beginning of the day, to recharge yourself with energy. By following these 5 rules, your departure will be the best statement of war against anxiety.

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