benefits of running

The benefits of running twice a week

Have you considered all the benefits that regular physical activity can bring you? We tell you how it affects your body to practice physical exercise twice a week. For all people, it is not very pleasant to go running daily as a way to exercise, however it is very important to know that this is one of the physical exercises that brings more benefits to the body, since it manages to activate the vast majority of organs and help to keep them healthy and strong.

In this opportunity, we will know some good reasons to encourage us to perform this practice at least 2 times a week and thus maintain good health in general.

Prevents bone and heart problems

Through some research, it has been found that taking the wholesome habit of running moderately at least two to three times a week can help prolong life, as it is a great activity that can maintain bone health in optimum conditions since it prevents the loss of bone mass. It also helps in a very effective way to control blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart disease by keeping the arteries healthy.

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Helps maintain ideal weight

By performing this activity, you move almost the entire body, which is very important in order to maintain an adequate body weight, it also helps in a surprising way to tone the muscles of the legs and glutes, which makes the figure It looks quite nice.

Generates happiness and tranquility in people

All people who practice the race as a sport or simply as a way to exercise, agree that this is the best way to forget the problems and feel calm, and maybe a little joy, especially If we run after having had a dislike or feeling depressed.

If we do, we can experience a great sense of well-being, since running a substance called endorphin is released, which is responsible for bringing that well-being to the brain.

Helps to develop creativity

According to a large number of investigations carried out in this regard, it can be said that running helps to stimulate the brain, because it increases the cardiorespiratory resistance, which undoubtedly can increase the blood flow that reaches the brain, provoking a great ease of learning and in addition, increasing the capacity to create, since it puts to work the imagination in a very fast and effective way.

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