Knowing the perfect person at the right time is magical

Although we do not believe it, it is our unconscious that, based on previous experiences, generates that intuition that sends us signals that the person before us is special.

Sociability and that continuous and deep desire to meet people to enjoy their connection, is something that has always lived in the heart of human existence.

Aristotle already spoke of it at the time. Later, Austrian physicians  Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs were the first to address the issue of sociability in a vigorous theoretical and empirical way.

Nor can we forget Abraham Maslow’s classic human needs pyramid.

Where the search for acceptance, affection, friendship, love and belonging undoubtedly define that value, that genetic principle that gives us form and which, in turn, guarantees our survival.

Now, if there is one thing we all know is that it is not easy to find with that or those people who fully attune to our being, our values, our identity, hobbies and passions.

We must also remember that to consolidate a friendship or a good relationship partner  is not necessary to match 100% in each of the aspects that orlan our personality.

There is something more intangible, something that we can not define or explain that engages those really magical ties that endure in time.

From time to time, and almost without knowing how, we “connected” with someone, we have all experienced it on occasion. Someone perfect who arrives at the right time, in the most needy …

If this has ever happened to you, we propose to delve into the subject to understand what can explain this wonderful phenomenon.

Know the perfect person: the power of connection

Louise Hawkley is a scientist at the University of Chicago (USA) and a specialist in the investigation of psychosocial phenomena.

According to this research, much of those special links we do not know how to define, but which strengthen friendships strong or relationships stable and happy couple, are characterized by having in common these dimensions that make up what we often refer to as “connectivity” roughly:

  • Intimate connectivity is the first of them , and refers to that more private aspect that is the dimension of the “I”.
    • When we know someone we feel almost immediately if that person harmonizes or connects with our being, if we are understood, if there is freshness, complicity …
    • It’s like a natural instinct that has a lot to do with intuition.
  • The second dimension is defined as relational connectivity and has to do with the frequency with which we have contact with that person.
    •  Often, when we meet someone, we do not feel a special need or interest to send messages, to comment on certain aspects, to stay with them …
    • However, in actual connectivity there is that everyday complicity of “good morning, how about” I “thought this”, “we do this or that” …
  • Finally, we have collective connectivity and refers to the comfort with which that person is also integrated into our closest personal nucleus (family, friends …).

The power of intuition or that sixth sense that guides us towards the right people

As we have pointed out at the outset, finding such or such special people is not easy.

Most of us have suffered disappointments, we have all put hopes and illusions in people who, at some point, have failed us or, simply, were not as we thought.

Even we ourselves have failed someone or may even, at any given moment, find it decided that it is better to establish distances, for whatever reasons.

All these dynamics are normal in our life cycle, in that timeline where one acquires experience and wisdom , that magical substratum that, after all, makes our sixth sense ever more skillful, more awake.

Now, something we can never leave aside or undervalue is the power of intuition.

And it is she who- almost always- makes accurate and accurate readings about who is good for us and who is not.

How does intuition work when it comes to meeting a person?

Our intuition has nothing supernatural, magical or extrasensory power.

  • In fact, it is the ability of our brains to give us opinions or quick information according to what is in our unconscious .
  • That intimate and exceptional trunk that is our unconscious conceals in reality the essence of our whole being: past experiences, our emotions, our identity, hidden desires, needs, values, memories …
  • What makes intuition is a quick trip to that trunk, to that spectacular garden that is our unconscious to consult, to find a quick answer to a doubt, an image, a face …

When we meet someone our unconscious makes a quick assessment according to who we are and what defines us.

Soon, it sends us a sensation, that prick or that strange tingling that appears in our mind and that conforms the intuition or the hunch.

It will be this that tells us if that person is reliable or not, if it is worth returning to see her, give her our phone …

To conclude, it never hurts to listen to that inner voice and value it.

Magical connections with other people happen every day. However, remember: you must be receptive, letting yourself go and be attentive to what surrounds you to find them …

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