Keys to Fat Loss

Get the Keys to Fat Loss

To anyone who tells you that you want to lose weight, it sure tells you to eat less, and do more exercise, but this is not so easy, since other behaviors that play a role in fat loss come into play. Find out what are the keys to kick-starting your metabolism and speeding up fat loss.

Set a realistic goal and specific weekly goals to reach that goal, but do not be too strict on yourself and find a balance. Sleep helps your body recover and fight off fat, since sleeping less than seven to eight hours a night can increase your appetite and slow your metabolism, which causes you to burn fewer calories and retain more abdominal fat.


Do more exercise, to eliminate more calories and lose fat, with a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercises.

Add variety to the exercises and perform a high-impact workout, it will start your metabolism in a short period of time; Try to alternate cardio with resistance training. For example, start with five minutes of cardiovascular exercise, such as running, cycling or elliptical, immediately followed by a circuit of weights, lunges, squats and lizards, performing each exercise for eight repetitions. This complete circuit can be repeated two or three times.

The periods of rest that you do between the exercises, can be modified to create a fat-thinning effect; By shortening the time between the exercises, you can increase the metabolism at rest, by increasing the intensity of your training.

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It is important that you do not peck, as that would be a way to sabotage your efforts.

Keep track of what you eat and what weight you lose.

Stay away from drinks with calories, like sugary drinks and carbonated drinks or sodas, because they will make you feel hungry, and contain a lot of sugar; Drink lots of water every day.

Carrying out a diet plan is hard for you, both mentally and physically; so give yourself a treat as it will help you rest from your restrictive habits and keep you satisfied while you continue to lose weight.

Replaces carbohydrates as it is one of the easiest and fastest ways to start weight loss. It replaces foods like pasta, rice, and bread for fruits and vegetables, as they have fewer calories than carbohydrates.

Increases protein intake, as they help maintain lean body mass and increase the thermal effect of your diet; Plus eating protein keeps you sated for longer.

Eat healthy fats such as walnuts, avocados and healthy oils, which can help you lose fat faster than a strict diet; be sure to calculate the amount of fat you need in your diet to avoid overeating and avoid trans fats.

Try intermittent fasting, which combines long pauses without eating, from 14 to 16 hours, with a short feeding period, from 8 to 10 hours, or fasting for 24 hours once a week; is a way to lose weight healthily.

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