8 things about metabolism that you should stop believing right now

Although we usually think that with age slows down the metabolism, the fact is that if we follow a balanced diet and exercise does not have to be.

Although we know the term “metabolism” because of its relationship to weight loss, it is vital to know that these processes go far beyond helping to burn fat.

It consists of a series of chemical reactions that are responsible for transforming the nutrients into energy sources, to allow optimal functioning of the main systems of the body.

These mechanisms are determinants for the control of the level of glucose in the blood and also also interfere in cardiovascular and hormonal health.

The problem is that many fail to understand how it works and, because of the false beliefs that have been given over the years, they consider that it is responsible for the difficulties to lose weight.

For this reason today we have compiled 8 things that are often said about it that are not completely true and we must stop believing.

1. The fault is of the metabolism

Slow metabolism has become the main excuse that many people have to justify their excess weight.

While it is true that he is a strong influence, it is not correct to think that he is to blame for those pounds that can not get lost.

The reality is that, fortunately, metabolic functions can be supported and stimulated through good eating habits and exercise.

2. Age slows metabolism

It is no secret that the whole organism undergoes significant changes as part of the aging process.

Between this, the functions of the metabolism diminish of remarkable form, which increases the tendency to accumulate fat.

However, if proper physical training and a healthy diet are maintained, the metabolic processes will remain the same, even in advanced ages.

3. Five meals a day

Although distributing servings to five meals a day may be helpful in controlling anxiety, it is not mandatory to boost metabolism.

Everyone can keep these processes in top condition, as long as three main meals are made, based on healthy, calorie-controlled foods.

4. Skipping dinner helps to lose weight

For many years the false belief has been shared that skipping dinner can be helpful in saving calories and losing weight.

However, far from being a healthy habit, practicing this can affect metabolic activities and, therefore, body weight.

A light dinner, based on low-calorie foods, gives the body extra nutrients for the night time. Thus we can avoid waking up the next day with anxiety and fatigue.

5. Cold foods help burn more calories

Many people think that eating cold foods is beneficial to metabolism, since they are thought to optimize calorie burning.

The truth is that the body conditions the temperature of the meals and, therefore, there is usually no difference between the amount of calories that are burned by eating a hot or cold dish.

6. It is necessary to take pills to accelerate the metabolism

Watch out! Although they are distributing a wide variety of pills in the market that promise to activate the metabolism to promote weight loss, most are part of so-called “miracle” products that, far from being healthy, can generate dangerous adverse reactions .

Metabolic functions can be improved with a change in lifestyle that does not involve risking health.

7. The more sweat, the greater fat loss

It is not true! Some people do physical overload because they think that the more sweat they secrete, the faster their metabolism works to burn fat.

The truth is that when sweating fluids are lost, not fat. Even the amount of fluid can vary in each person, depending on their hormonal activity, age and even the weather.

8. Costly infusions are the most effective for weight loss

Of course not! Infusions and teas that distribute at high prices are not always the best quality, nor the most effective.

Many companies have taken advantage of the need that many overweight people have to sell their products for high prices.

The truth is that there are many plants and spices that, in their 100% natural state, give us better effects.

They can be easily obtained in herbal shops and, although they have no packaging or similar, retain their main properties.

Some of the most recommended are:

  • Tea (red, white, green)
  • Infusions (citrus, ginger, mint)

As you can see, some things that are said about metabolism are not completely true.

Keep in mind that rather than losing weight, a healthy metabolism helps you maintain a good quality of life.

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