7 recommendations to increase water consumption

For the proper functioning of the organs, water is a vital liquid and, therefore, is key to our life. Among healthy habits, water consumption is one of the most recommended, with the particularity of being a calorie-free drink

However, even though water does not have calories, it is so important for weight gain.

Drinking water has many beneficial effects for the body, among which we have: Cleaning the colon, the body absorbs nutrients faster and better, supports the immune system while maintaining the balance of fluids in the body and also helps fight infections.

For this reason, it is usually included in the diets, but for many people it is difficult to take the ideal amount of water in the day, preventing all their properties from being used. Follow these tips to increase your water intake and help your body gain weight.

Recommendations to increase water consumption

  • On an empty stomach

As soon as you start your day do not hesitate to drink some water, it is one of the best ways to start the day. At this time you can take one or two glasses of water, trying to make it slowly and without sacrifices.

As for some it will be difficult, do it first with a glass and then you will increase the quantity day by day until you can get used to it.

For those who try to gain weight and do not perform as much sport, it may not be the preferred time as most would go straight to breakfast. In this case, you still have the possibility to take it during the rest of the day.

  • Do not take it with your meals

It is a very bad time to drink water between meals because it will mix with gastric juices and foods, which will cause discomfort for digestion.

The problem is that many think it is a healthy way to eat, when in fact it is a serious problem that causes constipation and inflammation. The suggestion is then to drink water before eating or fifteen minutes later.

Drink water 30 minutes before eating. This will cause a feeling of fullness, instead of consuming a plate with huge portions that you will find yourself eating less.

  • Before the main meals

Drinking water before the main meals is a healthy habit and is a method that is worth putting into practice if what you want is to avoid an excess of calories. When you drink a glass of water about 15 to 30 minutes before meals, you will support your diet.

If your intention is to gain weight, avoid the 2 previous recommendations because you will begin to feel fuller and may find that your appetite has changed.

  • Hours of the night

Do not rule out the possibility of drinking a glass of water just before going to sleep. It is an excellent custom for the body to be revitalized and to start cutaneous repair processes that only occur when you sleep.

Of course, you must be careful because you can interrupt the sleep because the bladder will cause urges to urinate. And another result may appear as swelling on your face.

  • Replace coffee and soft drinks with water

Refreshments and coffee are characterized by being products that affect the health of the body and dehydrate it. In that order of ideas, it is worthwhile that you give priority to water before those drinks, because you will achieve that your body will enjoy effects totally contrary to those already described.

  • On the days that you are very exposed to the heat

If you live in a place with a warm climate, the ideal is that you increase the water intake every day so that you can replace each one of the fluids that the organism loses as a result of the exposure the body goes through. The high temperatures.

  • When exercising

Do it before and after starting with your exercise routine, as this will compensate for the loss of fluids that will occur as a result of the activity you are about to perform. According to experts, it is advised that it be half a liter of water for every thirty to sixty minutes of exercise. You may also like http://savourytraveller.com/

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