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7 keys to avoid gaining weight over the years    

With the passage of time, we all ended up having a tendency to earn a few extra pounds. This is not at all healthy and can be avoided, to a greater or lesser extent, if a series of recommendations are followed. If it is your case, take note of them and you will notice the difference.

In addition, it must be kept in mind that what really causes weight gain is not so much the years as such, but the changes that occur in different habits of life.

1. To avoid gaining weight, do some exercise

It is essential that you keep the body in motion. You should not forget that your metabolism becomes slow over the years, so it is easier to accumulate pounds.

To avoid this it is important to keep it active and for this, the best method is to perform some physical activity, moderate but constant.

With this healthy habit and simple to put into practice, you will get stronger and have younger muscles and joints, thus stopping the effect of the passage of time.

Do not think that it takes too much time: 10-minute sessions, done three times a day and that’s it.

Simply by making small efforts, you can achieve great results.  Do the test and you will notice the positive result.

2. Keep your mind active

Like the body, we must also keep the mind active.

Do not forget to put into practice activities such as daily reading and games such as:

  • Crosswords
  • Chess
  • Sudoku

They will stimulate different areas of the brain and speed up memory and concentration.

All this will help you to prevent stress and depression, maintaining a good quality of life and will also prevent you from binge eating stress.

3. Beware of low-calorie diets

Many low-calorie diets can slow down metabolism permanently. The body will try to conserve energy by consuming even fewer calories.

If these strict diets are repeated frequently, this can result in a permanent drop in metabolic rate.

Also in the event, you follow a diet of less than 1200 calories your metabolism can end up with a loss of non-fatty tissues, such as muscle tissue.

Be very careful with it.

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4. Eat foods with flavonoids

Foods rich in flavonoids can be your best allies for a balanced and healthy diet and with an increase in consumption of flavonoids, you will maintain the weight and even a slight decrease of it.

The greatest association with weight loss has been found in the following foods:

  • Forest fruits (blueberries, strawberries, cherries)
  • Grapes
  • Tea
  • Apples
  • Onions
  • Leeks

It will be enough to add a piece of the fruits pointed to your daily diet to have a significant impact on health.

5. Control your health

The passage of time and aging bring with you conditions such as hypertension and osteoporosis, which can limit you to the time to perform a physical activity.

An adequate health control will allow you to enjoy the day to day with more energy.

This will create a positive circle: health control and the possibility of exercising, which in turn is a benefit to feel healthy, something that will also help you to follow a correct diet.

6. Be aware of it from the outset

You should be careful about any possible weight gain from the first moment.

Do not wait to see the pounds accumulate to try to lower them because then it will cost you much more and anonymously will be a task that can overcome you.

Try to include as soon as possible healthy habits in your day to day, to avoid that the years weigh you down and end up with problems of being overweight.

7. Regulate schedules

An agency with schedules is a healthy organism.

And is that with a habit as simple as this will enhance the slimming properties and improvement of metabolism.

This is supported by various studies that have found that “individuals fed within a range of eight to twelve hours had more health benefits in their body than those who were allowed to eat the same amount of calories at any time.”

Do the test.

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