5 Strategies Every Woman Must Follow to End Stress and Anxiety

Although society sometimes forces us to give 200%, we also have the right to say “no” and to prioritize our wellbeing ahead of any obligations to combat stress.

To say that stress and anxiety impact women differently from men is not to fall into any topic, much less in some exaggeration.

While we are all susceptible to experiencing it, however, women are more sensitive and even more reluctant to acknowledge that something is not right; That life, at times, asks them for much more than they can achieve.

According to the American Psychological Association, women are up to 28% more likely than men to suffer from stress, anxiety and even depression.

Following these data is often hidden a biological pattern that makes them a little more sensitive to these events.

However, psychologists remind us that the role of women in our society carries heavy weights on their backs.

Many times they combine their professional work with the care of dependents. Thus, working inside and outside the home, coupled with many pressures from the environment, makes on numerous occasions feel that they have reached the limit.

Now, there is another aspect that we should not neglect. While it is true that women are more sensitive to stress and anxiety, it is men who manage it worse and sometimes suffer its impact in the form of heart attacks, heart failure …

We should all be alert to their indicators. However, today in our space we want to offer you 5 basic guidelines to better manage your stress and anxiety if you are a woman.

1. Remember: You do not have to prove anything to anyone

Women experience higher levels of stress because of their job responsibilities.

Believe it or not, in our society there is still a marked sexism.

There are many women who are forced to demonstrate on a daily basis that they can fulfill the same functions and responsibilities as their male counterparts.

Also, many of them carry out juggling complexes in their homes to be able to care for their children , reconcile schedules, care for their family, maintain their social life and take care of the home …

It is not easy, especially, because it is always in the mind itself that we are forced to “be able to reach everything “.

Thus, it never hurts to remember these simple dimensions on which to reflect.

  • Do not be obsessed with showing almost every moment that we are equal – or more – competent than male colleagues.
  • The ideal is to focus on doing things the way we do, in what our job requires and always giving the best of one.

Do not seek to compare yourself with anyone , seek your own excellence and you will feel much better.

2. Remember your priorities, may not match those of others

The world demands that you go fast, that you are perfect, successful, that you fulfill your goals, that you are a good mother, a good daughter, excellent partner and best friend.

Now … what do you want?

We live in a society that already anticipates what we should be and what is expected of us only by our gender.

  • Getting rid of those social chains, the stereotypes and those biases that shape us is not easy.
  • On the other hand, we are clear that many of these concepts are gradually being demolished: women are empowering, climbing in our society to fill more public scenarios, to have a voice and to put aside retrograde ideas about gender.

However, if this is being achieved externally … What do we do privately , in our homes and in the nearer environments?

  • To manage much better stress and anxiety we must be able to prioritize from time to time.
  • Doing what we really want rather than what others expect is the real key to emotional and psychological well-being.

3. Share time with friends, a balm for stress

The friendship between women is not only part of our socialization, but is therapeutic, healthy and very beneficial for our emotional health.

Meet our most meaningful friendships regularly is a sensational way to channel stress, relativize problems, shut down fears , anxieties and stop many of our thoughts obsessive or ruminants.

Never hesitate to say “yes” to that exit, “yes” to have a good cup of coffee with those old friends.

4. Saying “I can not more” is not synonymous with weakness

In the world of women, the phrase “I can not”, “I can not” or “I prefer to focus on myself” seem to be forbidden.

It is as if, when we say them out loud, we hurt someone or provoke a worldwide and irreversible disappointment.

However, remember: a “no” in time saves lives, improves well-being , distances us from what we do not want and allows us to gain in mental health.

Dare to put it more into practice.

5. Breathe deeply, everything will go well

When you think you have reached the limit, when the stress explodes in your temples and the anxiety makes your heart palpitate, follow these simple guidelines:

  • Take a deep breath: notice how your abdomen swells.
  • Hold that air for 4 seconds.
  • Exhale through the mouth for 6 seconds.

Now, for you and in a low voice, repeat these simple words: “everything will be fine, I trust myself.  I’m strong, I’m calm. I’m in balance and things are going to get better.”

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