5 Myths That We Used To Be Unhappy

In the light of the considerations made, we might consider unhappiness, suffering and discomfort as the forerunner of well-being and health.

Anxiety and low self-esteem therefore represent a chance to seek change, promote awareness, and promote people’s development. Only when we have a pain, we can fully appreciate the moment when we were well and therefore wish to return to a state of health first.

Perhaps to be happy is to overcome the anxiety of happiness by accepting its limits, lowering claims to the people around us and entering the simple optics that we can be happy despite our history and our problems without having to find it constantly excuses, executioners and persecutors that prevent us from being really.

Here are 5 myths that we usually used to be unhappy …

1) It will happen if you do not have more answer

Anxiety is by no means a psychic state to eradicate and eliminate, but only a very important resource that we must learn to manage and control.

Restating the chance to be happy when anxiety is completely gone, means inexorably condemning you to a life of unhappiness.

Learn how to consider anxiety as a travel companion that guides you protects you and protects you from potential threats.

The right question from ports would therefore be: how can I be happy despite anxiety? What are the aspects of my anxious being that make me difficult?

How did I come to consider anxiety as a problem and not as a resource? Accepting anxiety is the first step to depriving it of its negative and disabling charge.

2) The best to avoid that makes anxiety

The risk that other people perceive your bad star, your poorly managed anxiety, or more generally, your low self-esteem seems to suggest just one way out: avoid!

Avoid opportunities for you, avoid places that frighten you and avoid social relationships.

You will find yourself living a life that you do not like and that you have not chosen.

Martin Luther King said, “one day the fear knocked on the door, courage went to open and found no one”; Experimenting with what you are tempted, accompanied by a valued professional figure, will offer you the opportunity to value your resources and skills, freeing you from fear of others’ judgment.

3) My passed triste condenses to friendship

To consider happiness reserved only to those who have received love, acceptance, and respect during childhood or adolescence means deliberately thinking of a future of suffering and pain.

Such a vision of your story necessarily leads to the hunt of an executioner who made your life a hell, projecting you into a painful future because you did not have the life you deserved.

You can be happy even without a happy past.

Trauma, as well as mourning, can be processed, overcome and accepted.

It will always be a part of our life but will no longer be the undisputed protagonist. Engage in working on yourself because your story also deserves happiness.

Are you willing to accept the risk of being happy?

4) In my family you cannot be happy

To think that there are families destined for happiness and others to sadness, people destined for success and others to failure, as well as having harmful effects on mood, strongly tolerate, creating in your mind the simplistic idea of being born in just and favorable conditions, or wrong and disadvantageous.

Even the saddest grounds can be the preamble for a happy story!

Anxiety, low self-esteem, and humoral deflection could represent precious allies that put you in the condition of working on yourself, maturing, improving and growing.

5) The success is let using individual, but the failures deprive

Minimizing achievements and demoralizing for defeats is a typical attitude that, in addition to lowering self-esteem, negatively affects mood, and fosters guilty feelings and is critical to yourself.

Taking the merits of what is good, and guilty to what it requires, is a very important consideration of reality; only so you can accept your limits, rediscover your resources, and plan achievable and measurable targets.

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