5 False Beliefs That We Use To Be Unhappy

I wish so much happiness to lose sight of the causes that prevent you from reaching it, prophesying a blackening future of the present.

What hinders your happiness?

What thoughts hinder the realization of yourself?

What false beliefs hide behind dissatisfaction, frustration and discontent?

I wish so much happiness to lose sight of the causes that prevent you from reaching it, prophesying an even blacker future of the present.

Change is always the fruit of a process, never a magic.

To make it possible, it is always necessary to identify fears, beliefs, and opinions that hold you back, condemned to what you most feared: unhappiness.

Here are 5 false beliefs to live always unhappy …

1) My problems are a hope to happiness

Feeling that anxiety, low mood or other difficulties that we can encounter in life are not compatible with happiness, it is a very common and serious mistake of thinking in which you might be incapable.

Happiness, opportunity for change, ambition, desire to improve and propulsion to well-being are usually the result of experiencing suffering, loneliness, sadness and sorrow.

Uncomfortable situations are always an important opportunity to work on yourself, to become aware of yourself and to intervene on dysfunctional aspects of your life.

Change, accept and be happy.

2) Only do not happen here

The idea that you will be happy only when someone is there to care for you, accompanying you, and dealing with you is an important obstacle to change, constantly confirming that only with someone at your side you will be able to eliminate anxiety, depression, anguish and fear.

Problems will fade when you begin to appreciate, love, and respect.

If you are the first to not value yourself, how do you think the others can do it?

Take care of yourself and people will start to treat you with care!

Deliberating and devaluing yourself will always create a void between you and the outside world.

3) The happiness does not know about me, but that it makes it to me

Every person, regardless of his own story, has a power over what causes suffering and discomfort.

Very often, your malaise may be related to considering what happens to you, successes and failures, as the result of external events such as the case, destiny or fortune. Every change arises from the awareness of the power of one’s abilities and competences on the events of one’s own history.

Although there are obviously stories and experiences that are more difficult than others are, it is always important to be able to attribute attitudes and motivation to a crucial role for change.

Always consider yourself as the protagonist and active part of your well-being!

4) Fallacy is a failure

“All or nothing” reasoning, very often, is the source of anxiety, stress and malaise.

Feeling that happiness and reduction of anxiety reside in perfectionism, in the pleasure of all, in never failing, in not deluding anyone and never having to experience the slightest frustration is an effective prerequisite for depressing and living strong states of tension, agitation and restlessness.

Avoiding failing is only possible by avoiding living, experiencing and communicating.

“People do not fail because they aim too high and are wrong, but because they aim too low and are centered” (Brown L.).

Often, when you decide to give up, you do not realize how close you are to what you’ve always wanted.

5) If anyone has delivered in its past, all that will continue to do it in future

The sad experiences, suffering and pain of your life could trigger destructive mechanisms of generalization, so without realizing reality, you come to conclusions like “all men will use me,” “I will not trust anybody anymore,” ” “No one can really understand what I feel”, “they will all end up scolding, betraying or disappointing me.”

Thoughts of this type, besides lowering the tone of mood, give you the role of the victim, only to be compatible and console.

The scars that bring you back, while reminding you that in relationships you can suffer, ask to find someone who cares, respects and understands them.

Make a sense of your sorrow while playing.

Do not let it serve nothing.

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